Frequently-Asked Questions

What are your production and shipping times?

Production time is 5-7 business days, with ground shipping another 3-5 business days. In other words, from the time you click order, you should have delivery in just 2-3 weeks.

PRO SALES TIP: Remember to always UNDER promise and OVER deliver. We like to tell our clients they’ll have their products delivered in four to six weeks. That way, when their beautiful art arrives early (surprise!) we get to beat their expectations and deliver a wow!

Can I get more detailed product specs?

We recommend you don’t overwhelm your client with too many details. A confused mind says no. Bring on the yes’s by using our online tools to simply show and sell!

But for those of us who really like to geek out with the technical nitty gritty, feast your eyes on this:

We use Premium Archival Matte, a beautiful artist-grade paper that is heavy (230 gsm), neutral white and acid-free, resulting in long-lasting, dare I say, luscious imagery.

Artique® Conservation matboard. FSC Certified alpha-cellulose. 100% acid- and lignin-free, pH buffered, bleed and fade resistant.

Urth canvas is certified archival and OBA-free (containing no chemical additives or florescent whiteners). It is heavy-weight (400 gsm) and 22 mil thick, designed specifically for the high-end fine art and photography markets.

Our canvas is stretched onto kiln-dried poplar hardwood stretcher bars, providing exceptional stability.

Images are infused onto the surface of aluminum that has been treated with a special dye sublimation coating. The image transfer takes place under high temperature and pressure, creating a clear, crisp, vibrant, and durable print.

PRO SALES TIP: Show it to sell it! Print your favorite styles as large-and-in-charge Impact displays in your studio and watch the heads turn!

What are my options for hanging hardware?

Most products allow you to choose between sawtooth or wire hangers. For larger pieces, hanging options are upgraded to D-rings and French cleats to accommodate the additional weight.

Some sizes only allow a single hanging option. For example, all pieces in the Mini size category are only available with sawtooth hangers. Available hardware options can be found in the shopping cart screen.

EASY BUTTON: Not sure what to choose? Don’t sweat the small stuff. The default option will serve you nicely!

What’s the difference between “Gloss” and “Matte” metal finishes?

The “Gloss” finish is shinier and printed on a white background. It looks a lot like an acrylic print. The “Matte” finish is flatter and printed on a clear coating—this allows the grain of the metal to show through, especially when light hits the print.

Turn to our video preview (coming soon!) to see the finishes in action.

PRO SALES TIP: We call the metal prints “dad catchers.” Show these beauties off at your next family session. We dare dad to resist!

Can I order frame corner samples?

No need to purchase or stock fussy frame corners. We make it easy for you to show and sell with our innovative online tools!

So, short answer: no, we don’t offer corners for sale. But we’ll do you one better…

Our Frame Previewer takes away the guesswork by demonstrating exactly how each frame will look paired with your client’s art. The virtual rendering will shift in scale as you move the print size up and down, giving you a better understanding of the final presentation. Plus, by surrounding the image with the entire frame, you’ll get a better grasp on how the colors enhance and support not just the portrait itself, but the entire room décor. The last piece of the puzzle? Click the 3-D frame corner videos so you and your client can appreciate the finish and profile of your favorite frames. FrameSuite gives you the tools you need to order with confidence!

What are shipping charges to the United States?

For our continental US customers, ground shipping is free! Yay!

What are shipping charges to Canada?
To our Canadian friends, we are delighted to serve you with beautiful art! Hope you don’t mind, but we’ll just need to add on an additional surcharge based on the size of each piece shipped. Please note: you will NOT be responsible for any customs charges or duties beyond this surcharge.

Can I drop ship directly to my clients?

You sure can! Simply enter the client’s name and address in the shipping screen at checkout. Your packing slip will have the FrameSuite logo on it. The return address on the box or crate will read FrameSuite and the address of our production facility. Rest assured, all products are shipped with a packing slip but NO pricing.

Do you offer custom sizes or special requests?

Our brand mission is to make wall art sales easy! To that end we have simplified the sizing, pricing, site navigation, and production process as much as possible. Though we cannot offer custom sizes or modifications, we think you’ll find lots to love with our extensive, curated line of showstopping products and arrangements!

What are your file formatting guidelines?

You can upload images in JPG or PNG format for placing orders. The preferred embedded color space is sRGB. Image files should be at least 1MB in size, and no larger than 20MB (any resolution beyond this threshold is ignored). Note: you can upload RAW image files to create previews, but orders should be placed using JPG files.

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